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Conquer ULTRA-TIGHT FAIRWAYS... approach shots on MONSTER PAR 4S... and LONG LAYUPS for a chance at birdie.
- The new Vixa V12 is high, long, and ridiculously reliable.
Watch the video below to see what makes the Vixa V12 different—and better—while still legal under the rules of golf. Plus, scroll down the page to see how to try it risk-free for 60-days. (Bonus: Free shipping to U.S. addresses for a limited time!)
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Sometimes, things don’t turn out the way you planned. Sometimes, they turn out even better.

Then there are those truly rare occasions when the stars align, every break goes your way and, for whatever reason, the force is with you.

That’s what happened when a group of engineers decided to build a new fairway wood. They set out with an important task:
Design a low-profile fairway metal that’s a ROCKET OFF THE TURF and as LONG AS A DRIVER off a tee.
They not only succeeded. They ended up creating a whole new kind of golf club that shocked us in testing – a low-profile fairway metal that’s a rocket off the turf and as long as a driver off a tee.

Call it pure genius. Call it pure luck. We’re fine either way. Because we know that once you’ve tried this amazing new weapon…
You might just call it a minor miracle.
How else to describe a club that’s:
Longer, straighter and easier to launch off the turf than your conventional 3-wood… and, based on tests with amateur golfers… as long as your driver (plus a lot more accurate) off the tee.
Actually, there’s another word that fits this unique club:
That was test golfer Troy Montgomery’s assessment. The 5 handicapper was one of 13 recreational golfers who tried Vixa against their own clubs at DeCordova Bend Country Club in Granbury, Texas. We’ll hear from more of them as we move along.

Montgomery’s take on the V12? “It's got all the distance you'd want. It's got the accuracy that you would want. I don't know what you'd change about it.”

Frankly, neither do we. But we’re sure it’s gonna change your game – by giving you something you’ve always wanted but never had.
A GENUINE GO-TO CLUB for golf’s longest, most frightening shots.
If you’re like most golfers, you’ve probably got a favorite club for tricky shots around the green – say, a wedge that’s constantly saving your bacon. Maybe there’s a mid-iron or hybrid you automatically grab when you’re stuck in the trees or a fairway bunker. For all we know, you carry an extra putter – like Judge Smails’ beloved “Billy Baroo” in Caddyshack – for those do-or-die 5-footers.

But what about longer shots?
  • Like that ultra-tight drive where you absolutely MUST hit the fairway, but can’t afford to sacrifice much (if any) distance…
  • Or the approach on that colossal par 4 requiring every inch you can muster – every high-flying, ruler-straight inch…
  • Maybe there’s a par 5 where only a long, laser-guided layup gives you any chance at birdie…
Wouldn’t you love to have a go-to club for those moments? A club you could trust like your cherished wedge or hybrid or putter? Of course you would. And there’s a simple reason you don’t. (At least, not yet.)

Your longest clubs demand near-perfection to hit solid, high, accurate shots. And that’s a recipe for failure.

In a moment, we’ll go more in-depth on the design flaws that make today’s clubs so difficult for Regular Joes and Jills to handle. Long story short (and crooked):
Thanks to your driver’s giant clubhead, you’ve got to tee the ball sky-high and hit up on it (unlike every other club in the bag).
Sure, it produces great height and distance – but only when you catch it dead-flush on the upswing. How often do you do that? Even worse, the driver’s tiny loft and long shaft are the enemies of accuracy. And unless you swing at 110-plus MPH, you can forget about hitting that thing off the deck.
As for your “fairway” woods, you have to wonder how they got the name.
Getting a modern, plus-sized 3-wood airborne from tight turf – let alone hitting it high enough to carry trouble or stop on the green – is harder than catching a gnat with tweezers.
Bottom line: Your conventional driver and fairway woods pressure you to be perfect. Which is why you suffer from so many…
  • … Drives into the rough, woods and water.
  • … Approaches and layups that fly low, short and sideways, and…
  • … Extra strokes that jack up your scores (while delighting your buddies).
Yep, they’re tickled pink at your foibles. But you’re about to get the last laugh. And you’ll get it with the engineering marvel we told you about up top.
The double-threat that will energize your game –
from the tee and the turf.
Now, we can sense you raising a skeptical brow. You’re thinking there can’t possibly be a club that’s…
  • So different from any you’ve ever hit…
  • So easy to launch high and deep and straight off the tee (using your normal swing rather than trying to hit up on the ball)…
  • So versatile that it’s equally effective from the turf, and…
  • ​So beautifully designed that the sweet spot finds the ball like a magnet finds metal.
That’s what you’re thinking, isn’t it? Well, at the risk of disagreeing with a potential customer, we’ll just come out and say it: You’re wrong. Because you’ve never seen a club like the Vixa V12.

Think of it as the sports car of golf clubs: compact, sleek and stylish. Built for speed and handling. Master of tight turns. Yet the Vixa V12 is also versatile and dependable, like an SUV.

For you, that means superior control and ample power, from the tee and the turf, in a club you can always count on. It’s also remarkably easy to hit. And fun.

In a moment, we’ll dig into the unique features – including a turbo-charged clubface, ultra-low-profile setup and torque-tuned shaft – that make the Vixa V12 something special. First, we’ll tell you how this amazing club delivers where your current driver and fairway woods fail.


Whatever today’s monster-headed drivers provide in extra striking surface, they take away by forcing you to use tees as tall as the Space Needle and swing up to get the highest possible launch.
Two Problems:
  • Your ball position, teeing height, swing path and timing must be perfectly calibrated to create the right impact conditions. Sure, it’s thrilling when everything comes together and you crush a deep, towering drive. But that happens once in a blue moon.

    Most of the time, something goes sideways – and your ball follows suit.
  • The driver is the only club you’re taught hit on the upswing. Meaning you have to adjust your stance, ball position, posture and swing for, at most, 14 shots per round. That’s a tough ask for an amateur. And because those 14 shots are so critical, you probably spend an inordinate amount of practice time trying to hone your driver swing – at the expense of your irons, short game and putting.
(By the way: If you’re not teeing your driver sky-high and swinging up, you’re probably hitting low bullets and costing yourself major yards. And Vixa is exactly the club you need.)

With the Vixa V12, you can tee the ball down and make your normal swing. It’s just that easy.

Vixa’s clubface is about an inch shorter (top to bottom) than a standard 460cc driver, so you’ll tee the ball accordingly. This promotes a level or slightly descending blow – just like you make with every club except the driver.

Test golfer Dave Dowell, a 21 handicapper, felt comfortable with Vixa from the start. “It looks easier to hit because the big drivers, they just look so large and you have a tendency to do dramatic swings or swing up,” he said. “With this one, I think it's just easy to do a normal swing and go at it with a little more power.

A lower tee height also increases your control and consistency. You won’t lack for height, either, as Vixa’s 14.5° loft and super-low COG take care of that.

Worried about losing yards? Don’t be. As we’ll explain shortly…

The shallow-faced Vixa could equal or even BEAT YOUR OVERSIZED DRIVER FOR DISTANCE.

It’s true. You can actually swing a club with more loft and a smaller clubhead, and sacrifice nothing in the yardage department (while gaining accuracy).
Armed with this knowledge, our team of expert engineers – led by Josh Boggs, a Golf Digest “Hot List” award winner in his previous gig – started with the basics:
  • Length: 43.5”, about 2” shorter than a standard driver and a touch longer than most 3-woods.
  • Loft: 14.5°, about 4° more than a typical driver and similar to a strong 3-wood.
  • Clubhead volume: 145cc (cubic centimeters). That’s less than one-third the size of the common 460cc driver, and about 25% smaller than the average fairway wood.
These dimensions may not mean much on paper. But on the golf course, they make Vixa…
  • Easier to control than your driver (so you’ll hit more fairways and fewer foul balls)
  • Longer off the tee than your 3-wood (but still easy to get airborne off the deck)
  • A cinch to hit consistently on the sweet spot (for reliable distance, swing after swing)
“There's nothing else you could ask for, to be honest with you,” said Raymond Ellison, a 4 handicap. “It does exactly what you want to do.”
That’s the tale of the tape. Now for Vixa’s eye-opening game-improvement features:

Heat-Treated Inox Steel Clubface

Heat = Hot. Applying outrageous amounts of heat to 17-4 stainless steel allowed the engineers to stretch Vixa’s face incredibly thin while maintaining durability. Translation:
The ball explodes off the V12 like you won’t believe.
Here’s another thing: Using steel instead of titanium makes Vixa more flexible and forgiving on off-center strikes. That equals longer, straighter shots on your miss-hits and fewer forays into trouble spots.

Oh, and in case you’re curious about Vixa’s sound and feel: Soft, pure and pleasing to the soul.

“It was just like I had fired a .22 rifle,” said Spencer Yantis (coincidentally a 22 handicapper). “It was a great sound.”

Ultra-Low-Profile Setup & DYNAMIC LOFT

From top to bottom, Vixa’s clubface measures just 1.4 inches, an inch or so less than a driver (and slim by fairway wood standards). This is critical, because it places the center of the clubface below the ball’s equator, even without a tee – so you’ll automatically catch the ball high on the clubface to take full advantage of Vixa’s loft.

Observed Montgomery: “You get the same trajectory whether you’re on the tee or not.”

The slender profile makes Vixa incredibly easy to get up and off the deck, too. As numerous testers noted, there’s no need to try to “help” the ball into the air. Your normal swing will work just fine.

Said 14 handicap Paul Burden, “This club is easier to hit off the fairway than mine, and I thought I had the best.”

Slip-Fit Sole
Vixa’s clubface pairs perfectly with its ground-hugging sole. The club slides effortlessly under the ball, with none of the digging or bouncing you get from a traditional wood or driver.

The designers also equipped the sole with small vents to reduce drag and friction, boosting your swing speed – and assuring all that speed goes into the ball. Vixa cruises through rough and gives you an extra option when you miss the short grass.


Remember when we compared the Vixa V12 to a sports car? Think of the clubhead as the engine, the grip as the tires… and the shaft as the suspension. If it’s too loose (flexible) or tight for a given condition, it robs performance. A perfectly tuned shaft allows for maximum power transfer in a controlled manner.

Designed and produced specifically for Vixa, the shaft comes in five options. Flex, weight and torque are tailored to deliver peak distance and accuracy based on your swing speed, while the mid-kickpoint produces optimum trajectory off the tee or the ground.

You’ll love how smoothly this shaft loads and releases to generate effortless power – with responsive control.

“You could feel it loading up, you could feel the kick, and I could definitely tell that I had some swing speed behind me with the use of that shaft,” said smooth-swinging Don Oliver. “I think it's great combination with the clubhead.”

Low & Forward COG

Vixa’s shallow profile creates a naturally low center of gravity, which helps get the ball up quickly. There’s less space between the leading edge and the back of the club, too, which moves the COG forward and decreases spin off the tee.

Less spin means more yardage, plus added roll once the ball lands.

Combine all these elements and what do you get?

A one-of-a-kind club that’ll put your current driver and fairway woods on notice… and may knock them right out of your bag.
Long. Straight. Versatile. Consistent.
We don’t know of another club like the Vixa V12. It surprises even veteran golfers, like Raymond Ellison.

“I didn't think anybody could make anything newer in golf technology these days,” he said, “but I think you guys have proven that you can.”

Vixa is different, alright. But it is approved for all play, including tournaments, under the rules of golf.

It also comes with something you simply can’t get from a major manufacturer:


Hit the Vixa V12 all you want and return it for a refund if it doesn’t rev your engines. Yep, we’re that confident in its capabilities.
Try Vixa for 60 days and if you don’t:
  • Match or beat your current average driving distance
  • Find more fairways per round
  • Save score-killing penalty strokes from hazards and OB
  • ​Hit Vixa like a dream off the turf, and…
  • ​Make it your go-to club for the toughest, most pressure-packed shots
Then we want you to return it for a refund (minus any shipping charges).
That takes the risk off your shoulders and puts it squarely on ours.
That’s a pretty good deal, don’t you think?
So is the price.

Keep in mind, you’re among the first to find out about the Vixa V12. That gets you a seat at the cool kids’ table and, more importantly, access to special introductory pricing.
It’s simple: When our initial supply runs dry, the price goes up. And as word of mouth spreads about this wicked new club, we expect sales to accelerate faster than a Ferrari on a downhill straightaway.

So, what will you pay for the Vixa V12?

If you act now, you’ll pay just $199. (Hesitate and you’re looking at $229 or more when this offer is gone.)

Imagine getting a new brand-name driver or fairway wood – heck, a brand-name anything – for that little cash. You can’t. And if you could, you wouldn’t get a refund if it turned out to be a lemon.

Consider this, too:

The Vixa V12 may very well REPLACE TWO CLUBS IN YOUR BAG.

For Paul Burden, there’s no “maybe” about it. “The V12,” he said, “replaces my driver and my three wood, period.” Which makes today’s already low price tantamount to a 2-for-1 special. But really, it comes down to a single question:
What is a long-distance go-to club worth to you?

A club you can absolutely, positively count on to deliver:
  • Match or beat your current average driving distance
  • From the tee. From the turf.
  • On the toughest holes. At the biggest moments.
If the answer is $179 or more, then your next move is simple. Scroll down and order your Vixa V12 today.
If you’re interested, DON’T WAIT!
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